Sewing Pouch

Pouches, it's like bags: one is never enough! We love to store small things into it and that is pretty good because it's so simple to sew them, so you will want to unlimit your creation! By Marie-Nicolas ALLIOT.

Temps : 45mn
Difficulté :

Cette idée de réalisation vous a plu et vous vous en êtes inspiré pour créer cette version ?

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1 > Cut your fabrics

Use our self-healing mat and a cutter to cut fabric strips of the same width of your zipper. For a pocket of 21.5 * 19.5 cm, cut 2 times out of each fabric: - Cut a strip of + 7 cm the total length of the zipper (22 cm here for a zip of 18 cm for example) in the Lovely Canvas "Barbe à papa" - Cut a strip of 3.5 * 22 cm in Lovely Canvas "Sucre d'orge" - Cut a strip of 18 * 22 cm in Lovely Canvas "Calisson"

2 > Optional step: the starry stripe!

If you want to give a slight 3D effect to your star stripe of 3,5 * 22 cm previously cut, place a string in the middle of it. Make sure to leave 1.5 cm on each side to avoid over-thickness for sewing. Fold the fabric into 2 and secure with paper clips.

3 > Sew your starry stripe

Use the zipper foot presser to sew. This wil help you to sew flush to the cord.

4 > Assemble your 3 fabric strips

First, place your starry strip on top of the orange one.

5 > Cover

Then cover with the "Barbe à Papa" strip, placing right side against right side of the orange fabric and in alignment of the starry strip. Block all 3 layers together with paper clips.

6 > Now sew!

Start to sew with 1 cm seam allowance. Open your sewing and  iron on the right side and then oversew the three layers together. Add a seam on the top for a more beautiful stitching finish along your "Barbe à Papa" fabric.

7 > Repeat with the last 3 strips

Do the same with the last 3 strips. You can even add a little fantasy adding a 4th folded fabric to be gathered together with other fabric before sewing.

8 > Put your zipper

Make a fold of 0.5 cm to the back of your "Barbe à Papa" fabric. Assemble to your zipper and secure with pins. Block one side, sew the other side, then the other one.

9 > Sew your zipper

Sew along the zipper using the zipper foot presser. Tip to make a straight seam despite the cursor: start with slight opening of the zipper (about 5 cm). Then let your needle stuck into your fabric. Raise the foot presser and close the zipper. Flip back the presser and keep your sewing. Repeat the process on the other side.

10 > Sewing of 2 sides

Now you have to close the pouch on 3 sides! Open the zipper to turn your case on the on the right side. Match on each side strips of fabric to have a nice connection once sewn. Pin on all 3 sides.

11 > Overcast

Oversew those 3 sides then cut off the corners of the bottom of the pouch.

12 > Et voilà!

Reverse to right side and push the corners with your scissors. Softly iron the pouch and admire your work!

13 > Last tip!

To give more creative touch , use colorful zippers!