Summer Story Book album

Summer has finally arrived! We give you tips to make your holiday album with our Story Book products! Album, clear pockets, printed papers, tags, stamps and stickers ... all the ingredients to compose a memorable project! By Laetitia ROULLEAU.

Temps : 2h00
Difficulté :

Cette idée de réalisation vous a plu et vous vous en êtes inspiré pour créer cette version ?

Partagez avec nous les photos de votre création dans la Communauté du Site ou #kesiart sur les réseaux sociaux !

1 > PHOTO POCKETS 6x8 (ref. SBP-SH01)

Several options are available to work the full pockets at 15,24x20,32 cm size: 1- Print large format photo 15,24x20,32 cm, 2- Work on an overlay consisting of printed paper on which you will assemble your photos and other decorations 3- Or prefer journaling or story of your adventures through a text, souvenir tickets, recipes, etc.


Print a photo in size 15,24 x 20,32 cm using your printer and photo editing software (Photoshop, etc.).

3 > First page of your album

Here, this large format photo will be our first page of your holiday album. It sets the tone and creates a summer atmosphere.

4 > Work onto the photo itself

When your photo allows it, do not hesitate to directly work on it in order to keep important memories such as date, location, names of people, etc.

5 > Embellish

Overlay a label and a sticker on which you will stamp the word "destination" (Ref. TB-33). Paste everything with masking tape. Then titrate with a black alphabet. Decorate with embellishments (beads, stickers, etc.). Finally, date with a date stamp.

6 > Hop in pocket!

Drag your worked photo in its pocket.

7 > Select good quality photos

Opt for these large format photos of great shots and visually impactful. Some will be re-worked here as using stickers, printed paper, stamps.


Print a photo in size 15,24x11,5 cm. Cut an overlay of 15,24x20,32 cm in the printed paper "Orohena" (réf.AL-5).

9 > Cut your labels

Cut the labels in the "Papenoo" paper (Ref. G-9). They have the same size of pockets of your album, keep them, you will use throughout your album.

10 > Compose your layout

Assemble pasting your photo in the middle of your printed paper and superimposing your previously cut labels.

11 > Decorate, title and voila!

Finish decorating (paper tag, pearl, tab, etc.) and then titrate as needed using your black alphabet (ref. AP-02). Drag everything in your photo pocket.


In this third clear pocket, you preserve memories ; here, in this case, recipes.

13 > Make a pocket

Cut a rectangle of 15,24x20,32 cm in "Faaa" printed paper (Ref. AL-6) and cut a rectangle 15,24x7 cm size in "Mahina" printed paper (Ref. AL-7 ). Cut it diagonally on its upper width and paste it on your page background only on the outer sides and bottom so as to create a pocket. Slip into it your recipes, your memories-tickets, paper tags and labels, photos, etc. Finish by decorating the front cover with your black alphabet, masking tape, stickers and stamps.

14 > Compartmentalized photo pockets 12 / 2x2 (ref SBP-SH05.)

This compartmentalized pocket format allows working photos to Instagram square type format. So you will be able to create exciting environments by combining photos to square printed paper or only photos or only squares of printed paper. Try to work thematically and color to maintain visual consistency.

15 > Your photos in square format

Print 5 photos at 5x5 cm format and drop them in your clear pockets.

16 > Find a beautiful visual harmony

Then cut 4 squares in "Papeete" printed paper (Ref. AL-1), "Tautira" (Ref. AL-8) and "Taravao" (Ref. AL-2). Try to get a nice visual in your clear pocket.

17 > Embellish

Then decorate your square of paper printed with your black alphabet, round stickers (Ref. SR-AL1) and "The place to be" wooden stamp (Ref. TB-37).

18 > My tip!

Feel free to play on different squares by cutting a label in 2 to insert the two parts side by side in your clear pocket. Do the same with a picture to play with transparency.

19 > Consider using your stamps!

Here, the "place to be" wooden stamp (Ref. TB-37) just accompany my photos. Think of trombones that are inexpensive embellishments that complement well this album project.

20 > Gather photos with the same theme

On the same "Food" theme, all is harmonious and it keeps a memory of restaurants and tasted dishes during the holidays.

21 > And back ...

And on the reverse side, the cover is mainly worked with 12 city pictures in 5x5 cm size, in "street" atmosphere. Do not hesitate to re-work on them with a black alphabet (here, the title "CITY" just boost overall).


The format of the compartments clear pocket is 7,62x10,16 cm. Again, you'll be able to work in different ways: - Associate only pictures, - Mix photos and tags or rectangles printed paper on which you can record your memories, - And juxtapose only labels or printed papers or tickets-memories or stories of your adventure.

23 > Mix

In this example, mix 2 photos in size 7.62 x 10.16 cm with 2 labels cut in the printed paper "Papenoo" (Ref. AL-9).

24 > Work in and on the clear pocket

Slide a label in one pocket and complete with a sticker pasted directly on your photo pocket.

25 > Embellish

Cut out in the "Orohena" printed paper (Ref. AL-5) a rectangle of 7,62x10,16 cm and decorate. Mark the date with a date stamp (Ref. CM-10).

26 > On the back side ...

On the back side, you'll be able to work more photos : - 1 photo portrait 7,62x10,16 cm - 1 large photo landscape 15,24x10,16 cm.

27 > Create a visual effect

Insert your first photo on the top left, a cut label in the printed paper "Papenoo" (Ref. AL-9) at the top right and then complete cutting off your second photo in half crosswise to insert into your bottom two compartments. This trick allows you to work pictures in landscape format portrait despite the compartments of your pocket and create an interesting and dynamic visual. Accentuate this effect by working directly on top of your transparent pocket and on the two compartments simultaneously (here, the "Journey" label is attached onto the 2 parts of picture. Complete with a round sticker (Ref. SR-AL1).

28 > - Compartmentalized photo pockets 2/4 x 6 (ref SBP-SH02.)

Here, the format of the compartments of your clear pocket is 10,16x15,24 cm. Rotate photos, labels, printed papers, souvenirs, decorations, etc. The principle is the same, you need to find a visual balance and thematic coherence.

29 > We continue!

On the front: take labels cut from the printed paper "Papenoo" and select those with the larger format matching to the theme of your photos (Ref AL-9.). Work on the photo itself stamping "Globetrotter" (Ref. TB-34) and paste stickers. On the back: select a second label with large format and decorate with a sticker or a stamp. Finish by gluing two small rectangles of paper in your photo to produce a color boost with the label underneath.

30 > Compartmentalized photo pockets 2 / 3x4 - 1 / 4x6 (ref. SBP-SH04)

Here, the format of your compartmentalized clear pocket is 10,16x15,24 cm associated with 2 compartments of 7,62x10,16 cm format. Rotate photos, labels, printed papers, souvenirs, decorations, etc. The goal is the same, you need to find a visual balance and thematic coherence.

31 > Work in this way:

On the front: select 1 photo of 7,62x10,16 cm size. Insert it on the left top. 2 new labels from the paper "Papenoo" (Ref. AL-9) complete the layout. Feel free to pick and cut your printed papers by selecting interesting patterns that could perfect your theme "vacation". On the back: the setting layout is the same with a photo of 7,62x10,16 cm size and 2 rectangles or labels cut from printed paper: format 7,62x10,16 cm for one and 10,16x15,24 cm for other. Register your memories and decorate with stickers or stamps. Also consider the recycling by collecting seashells, sand, purchase tickets, business cards, etc.


Now here the whole visual of our summer album project!

33 > My tips!

Before working all pages of your album, think ahead ... Match your papers to your photos, remember to group your photos with identical themes, select printed papers and embellishments matching to your theme (here ALOHA collection is perfect for beach, sea, holidays photos), group your memories (purchase tickets, maps, business cards, etc.), also consider your journalings, true stories of these moments of life.

34 > Written memories remain

In this album, you can keep in addition to your photos written memories via labels on which you write by hand or print it with the help of word, or through stamps with the theme of your photos, or finally through stickers.

35 > And comment otherwise!

... Either through stamps with the theme of your photos, or finally through stickers.

36 > Find balance

The goal is to balance all your items (pictures, papers, embellishments, souvenirs). To do this, feel free to position them in advance in your clear pockets. This allows you to see more clearly, to group identical photos, to bring dynamism by creating different layouts. If you do not have editing software that lets you crop your photos to the required formats, it does not matter! Cut your printed papers to 15,24x20,32 cm format and paste your photos and accessorize around playing with paper, decorations and stamps, as with pockets of this attached picture.

37 > Good idea: play with the same collection of printed papers!

To remain consistent throughout your album, it is advisable to work a single collection of printed papers (here, the Aloha collection). This provides a homogeneous and harmonious result.

38 > And if ...

... Some of your photos are not in the same colors of the selected papers collection, please pass them in black and white with an editing software.

39 > Have fun!

All these compartments with different formats are pretty fun so enjoy! Look on the sleeve top, right, printed paper "Orohena" (Ref. AL-5) was cut to obtain 4 rectangles of 7,62x10,16 cm inserted into the compartments. Therefore optimize its use and we guess the quote that perfectly suits the small picture (5x5 cm) glued directly on the cover.

40 > To summarize!

You'll understand the clear pockets in different formats allow you to vary the contents of your album. Mix photos, memories, journalings! Think harmony by matching these elements by theme or color.

41 > All material is gathered to create a great album!

You also have the ability to mix formats by adding pockets to smaller formats (Ref. SBP-SH07, SH08-SBP and SBP-SH09). Also create tabs in printed paper by cutting rectangles of 15,24x20,32 cm format. And interleave additional photos by perforating them. Tip: why not bring your album on holiday with you and collect your memories thanks to the closure pockets (Ref. SBP-SH06.). Once back home, you will only have to print and add your photos.

42 > The extra touch!

To finish and put the final touch to your album, create a label in Word of 2,3x5 cm format. Write down the location and date of your holiday. You also have the opportunity to decorate the cover of your album if you like. The matt paper allows to consider all kinds of fancy: write directly on it, titrate using alphabets or decorate.

43 > Et voilà!

Here we go! Your album on your last summer holiday is now complete! Thanks to it, these are precious memories that you keep in a creative way!