Barry banner

We love the beautiful Barry banner! With very good quality cotton canvas, it is decidedly original and decorative. Our idea: inscribe a personal message using paint and dress up any room in the house! By Marie-Nicolas Alliot.

Temps : 1h00
Difficulté :

Cette idée de réalisation vous a plu et vous vous en êtes inspiré pour créer cette version ?

Partagez avec nous les photos de votre création dans la Communauté du Site ou #kesiart sur les réseaux sociaux !

Ce qu'il vous faut :

- CT-FP1 barry banner
- CS-42 moonlight

1 > Stamp enlargement

Stamp the pattern of your choice and photocopy it to fill an A4 page. Print it on thick paper.

2 > Cut the stencil

Patiently hollow out your stencil using a cutter.

3 > Glue with repositionable glue

To ensure that your stencil does not move when applying the paint, glue the back of the paint with repositionable spray adhesive.

4 > Be careful!

Gently apply the stencil to your "Barry" pennant and press down the small parts of the letters so that the stencil adheres all over the pennant.

5 > Pennant protection

To avoid painting over the stencil, apply washi tape at the top and bottom of the stencil. In addition, your stencil will be even better maintained.

6 > Application of paint

Apply the paint through the stencil with a sponge. Press well to tint everywhere.

7 > Vary paint colors!

Change colors if you wish.

8 > Remove the stencil

Gently remove the stencil without waiting for the paint to dry.

9 > Dry the paint

Then let dry.

10 > Fit the locking system

Thread the bar into the top hem.

11 > Attach

Thread the string on one side and make several knots on top of one another.

12 > Repeat on the other side

Proceed the same way at the other end.

13 > Et voilà!

All you have to do is make a small grigri with fabric and wooden beads to complete the customization of your "Barry" pennant.