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Cette idée de réalisation vous a plu et vous vous en êtes inspiré pour créer cette version ?

Partagez avec nous les photos de votre création dans la Communauté du Site ou #kesiart sur les réseaux sociaux !

1 > Make your papier thicker

I advise you to glue together 2 pieces of paper with double-sided tape. Take 2 squares of 5cm x 5cm and stick them together.

2 > Cut your papers

With the Métaliks, cut your papers. I start with the earings : I cut 2 identical forms because I need to make 2 earings. 

3 > Rigidify your paper

Rigidify your papers with the Glossy Accent gel. It will avoid your earings to be damaged to fast and the paper will look glossy, which is very nice ! 

4 > Hang the caps

Once the gel is dried, use your pliers to open the caps of your earings, so you can put your paper in it. Close the ring. And do it again for the second earing !

5 > Here you are !

Your earings are already finished ! 

6 > The necklace

It's spring, and there's nothing better than a nice necklace to pimp your t-shirts! After having made your paper thicker as on the first step of this tutorial, cut your paper thanks to the Metaliks of your choice.

7 > Make your papier thicker

As for the earings, use the Glossy Accent gel to make your paper thicker. Let it dry as long as necessary !

8 > Make your necklace 1/5

I've chosen to add some beads in this necklace. I put them on a rod.

9 > Make your necklace 2/5

Cut the rod about 1,5cm above the beads and curve the rod to make a ring.

10 > Make your necklace 3/5

Then, drill your paper with a needle where you want to hand the rod.

11 > Make your necklace 4/5

Hang the rod with the beads on your paper thanks to the ring of the rod.

12 > Make your necklace 5/5

Take a chain of about 80cm long and put a ring on each end. Hang these rings on top of your paper.

13 > Try !

You're done ! You can put your necklace on you :)