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Punch needle board

Do you want to punch ? Find below a tutorial to create a board to hang on your walls. Take your hula hoop, your favorite wools and your punch needle and relax ! BY NATHALIE BERNIER

Temps : 2h00
Difficulté :

Cette idée de réalisation vous a plu et vous vous en êtes inspiré pour créer cette version ?

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1 > To begin 1/3

Before starting, choose what you want to punch. Something specific or abstract ? I chose abstract, using the Maxi Hula Hoop of the brand maille name is. I've started to draw the interior contour of the hula hoop with a marker for fabrics. Then, I drew circles with everything I found : mug, tin of paint, etc...

2 > To begin 2/3

Now, fiw the cloth in your hula hoop. It needs to be well tight. It will be easier to punch. 

3 > To begin 3/3

Once the design is drawn, choose the colors. I've chosen vegetal colors which racall me of the Relax Wax collection ! 

4 > How to punch ? 1/6

Use a yarn needle or the string provided with the punch needle and pass the wool through the eye of the punch needle. 

5 > How to punch ? 2/6

Put the wool in the eye of the punch needle. It's ready ! 

6 > How to punch ? 3/6

Fix the punch needle on the letter C. The most important with the punch needle is that the wool needs to stay free. Punch the needle in the cloth and take it back slowly. The punch needle always need to follow the surface of the cloth so the points are harmonious. 

7 > How to punch ? 4/6

Continue this way, following the draws of your design until you've completed the edge. 

8 > How to punch ? 5/6

Then, make the following ranks. The points need to be in staggered rows and the design is fulled in spiral. 

9 > How to punch ? 6/6

Once the design is entirely full, cut the thread on the inside of your work. 

10 > The loops 1/4

Unlike what's usually done, the outside of the work is in fact the inside. The punch needle is used to make nice carpets with loops. I this case, we will mix the strainght point and the loops. To start, you need to make a tour of you design with straight points. 

11 > The loops 2/4

Turn around your work and punch on the inside. To have thick loops, make small points. You can choose the size of the loops by adjusting the punch needle. Make some tries, it's easy to do it again if you don't like it.

12 > The loops 3/4

On the outside of your work, you can see the loops...

13 > The loops 4/4

Finish to complete the board by mixing colors. 

14 > Finishing stage 1/5

Now, it's time to hide what is poking out ! Use the yarn needle and hide every thread. 

15 > Finishing stage 2/5

To finish your work, cut the cloth around the board leaving 3 to 4 cm of cloth.

16 > Finishing stage 3/5

The cloth need to be kept inside the board. I've prefered sew the cloth by making folds around the hula hoop.

17 > Finishing stage 4/5

To close the board, use a Kardstock. Draw the edge of the board and cut the circle. 

18 > Finishing stage 5/5

Glue the Kardstock and hang your work in your living room or in your bedroom ! Make another 2 to have a nice trilogy !