Customization is a way of decorating, embellishing, personalizing, re-inventing a piece of furniture, a room or a piece of clothing. In this section, find all the techniques of custo made by Kesi'Art. From the support to decorate through stencils or textile transfers, discover how to pimper any object of everyday life. The trend of the DIY, it is you who think it, you who realize it, you who makes it ... and we, we take care of you to find the best supplies for that!

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Constantly on the lookout for new customization techniques, Kesi'Art offers you a range of exclusive products to transform the objects of your everyday life.

Decorate a bag with our cotton pompons, give pep's to a slumbering vase thanks to our gilding transfers or personalize a piece of furniture with our stencils and colorful paintings, you just have to ask for the program of your creative day! The Do it Yourself is something we love to do at Kesi'Art, it's the art of embellishing, decorating and finally personalizing any object or space. And because of this, the creative possibilities are endless. Our products are there to help you achieve a quality result and very easily.

You can decorate anything by painting, sticking, coloring, etc. Here you will find everything you need to make an original decoration! If you like to change everyday objects in your house, if you prefer a personal decoration and handmade, if there is not a single empty space on your walls ... then no doubt: your thing is the do it yourself decorative also called the DIY deco!

Finished the decoration as at your neighbor, to you the handmade and singular decoration! And in addition to the cool ideas of custo, there is plenty on the Kesi'Blog, the space on which we exchange and share with you all our projects and achievements. In addition to having a nice interior, you will be proud to have done it with your own hands and that, it is priceless. So, start especially that there is nothing worse than a sad and dull object or a wall all white.