The paper and Kesi'Art ... a BIG love story!

We grant a lot of importance in the choice of its quality, its resistance to folding and use, its weight and its impact on our world.

Printed with patterns and labels, stickers and glitter, in packs or 30x30cm sheets for Scrapbooking, in notebooks for the Bullet journal, in file format for Project Life albums or in agenda format for Planners or Traveler's Notebook, the paper specialist, it's US and we're not kidding with that!

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Scrapbooking is an activity that consists of creating your own photo albums but in a totally creative and personal way.

It is able to tell his family story with his photos through scrap pages, mini albums and scrapbook objects such as photo frames while having fun, sharing and creating. The goal is to showcase your most beautiful photos by composing decorations, cutting colorful patterned paper sheets using our Metaliks cutting tools, sticking funny labels, giving a title thanks to the alphabets stickers and telling the story of photography in a journaling.

And our Story Book binderbooks will serve as beautiful cases to preserve your most precious memories.

In Creative Stationery, on the same principle, we also find the art of the Cardmaking which consists in making its own invitations. Baptism, birth, birthday, happy new year ... all opportunities are good to carry out your own correspondence.

Paper is also the art of folding called origami! A vast playground where you will need only squares of paper with graphic patterns and varied colors.

For the most organized of you, we ask for the Bullet Journal concept, the Planner diary or the Traveler's notebook travel diaries ... the notebooks that you will fill with your most beautiful pen, with your most successful photographs and your images collected over your daily life!

Cherry on the cake: the Stamping art. Wooden stamps, clear stamps, stamps with wooden handle ... you will necessarily find here the model that suits you and the ink to the perfect shade and the fine and precise print rendering you are looking for.