Ready-to-create: DIY kits

If you are here in our section: creative kits, it means that you probably want to start a creative hobby and we confirm that you are in the right place for that! You want to knit, craft, macramé, embroider, make crochet, here are 3 reasons to start with our kits:

1. Everything is very well explained with a detailed technical booklet.

2. No surprise, all the material is provided.

3. And if you have difficulties, an email, a phone call and we will be delighted to support you so that you can go to the end of your project and enjoy it as it should be a knit headband, a Macrame plant holder, a decorative embroidery decoration or a arm-knitted plaid.

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Sharing is at the heart of our concerns at Kesi'Art and we think that a good way to introduce beginners to a creative hobby, after the workshops, remains the Kit.

Inside the bag, all the material needed for the realization of the project: supply, illustrated explanatory booklet and goodies for fun. You will find there much more because you will experiment a new technique, you will create of your ten fingers a nice project to wear or to decorate your interior. Above all, you will discover a new passion, who knows?!

You will never really be alone to make your creation since everything is very well explained inside the step-by-step as if you were in the Kesi'Art workshop. Our Kits will teach you how to knit, embroider, macramer, crocheter and test the arm-knitting and all that easily, without making headaches. Make your first knit garter stitch, your first flat stitch in embroidery, your first double crochet stitch, your first flat knot in macrame thanks to our Do It Yourself Kits. And for the most experienced, we share a secret: the projects presented are so cool that they are worth the detour to be realized. There is no reason not to be tempted especially because you can deviate and imagine very easily a 100% customized version of the proposed projects.

For example, do
 you wonder what's in a Kesi'Art Knit Kit? Beautiful wools, knitting needles, a woven label to sign your knitting book and your boss in the shape of a booklet with the various detailed creation steps, illustrated drawings for you to visualize how to knit reverse stockinette stitch, how to bind-off your stitches and finish your knitting.

This creative experience is within your reach, succumbs, you will not regret it!