Kesi'Art and tutorials... it's a long-time story! Since 2007 on the Kesi'Art blog we offer you crochet tutos, sewing tutorials, macrame tutos, knit tutos and the list is long, DIY tutorials are our thing!

We love so much to pass on our creative knowledge via tutorials on the blog that we decided to go further by writing a book on macrame: "Macramé, creations for the house".

In this area you will find tutorials, templates and patterns in PDF format to download but also a selection of the best books on Couture, Knitting, Crochet, Macrame, paper creations, Scrapbooking ...

Beginner or confirmed, you will inevitably find a book, a pattern or a template on a topic that fascinates you or the project that you want to achieve!

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Find the inspiration and help you need from our selection of tutorials, templates and patterns as well as our creative online bookstore!

Whether you practice knitting, sewing, macrame, embroidery, crochet, scrapbooking, origami, punch needle or lockstitch, whether you are beginner or confirmed, here you will find the DIY book, the pattern or the model you need.

Dozens of activities are presented and explained in details and in pictures through creations all the more fun than the others. There are for all levels, all tastes, you will certainly find your happiness here.

With a book, you'll learn how to knit a knit row, make a spiral of macrame knots, embroider an embroidery rose stitch, sew a hem and a whole bunch of specific techniques needed for each creative area.

You will also discover sublime creations that will surely make, carry and embellish your interior. But you will also take a good dose of inspiration that will allow you to perfect yourself and imagine more personal achievements.

You will quickly become an expert in your creative field and any creative activities will have no more secrets for you. Books are also great gifts for Christmas or for a birthday.

Also know that here you can get our first book on macrame. We put all our expertise and our heart to offer you modern, original and colorful creations for your home. Like our creative kits, the book is very easy to access and projects are easy to redo.

If you go, share with us your achievements on social networks #kesiart, we will be delighted to see and comment on the result.

As for the tutorials, they are part of our DNA. We started creating tutorials for you on our blog 12 years ago. A blog that we fed with dozens of tutorials, all more creative and modern than the others.

Here are waiting for you crochet tutorials, sewing tutorials, macramé tutos, knitting tutos in a nutshell, DIY tutorials of all kinds!

Have fun!