Project life, planner & mini albums

At Kesi'Art, the Project Life concept is called Story Book! Souvenir photo albums, printed cards and labels, transparent pouches, date stamps ... our entire range will help you create a life project that reflects your creativity.

Collect all your everyday photos and the memories associated with them in a magical setting.

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Project Life in scrapbooking is a trend we call Story Book.

This consists of grouping all of your photos of everyday life and highlight them in an album to customize for weddings, birthdays, births or any other event of your life!

With this concept it's a new area of ​​exploration in terms of scrapbooking that is offered to you!

The Project Life is ideal for your scrapbooking desires because to realize your Story Book, you don't need to cut!

Yes, all the art lies in assembling in a file of the format of your choice and to do this, we put at your disposal all the necessary equipment.

12-in-1 stamps, transparent pockets, special photo pockets, leaflets, papers for all tastes and desires, and of course our workbooks: so many products that will help you make the perfect Story Book for you.

You will have understood, it is here that you will find the necessary to make your purchases and thus to put forward these sweet moments and to re-open it later on with the smile on your face.