Creative notebooks

We, the Kesi'Art team, love the pretty notebooks to write down all our good ideas and be sure not to forget anything.

That's why we have not only top-notch notebooks, but also everything needed to fill it up in a Bullet Journal way with clear stamps and stencils.

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Bullet Journal, what is that? It's another strange English name for something very simple (and way too cool).

This trend of the Bullet Journal comes straight from New York. Invented by Ryder Carroll, this type of journal is actually a method of organization that mixes agenda, To Do Lists, memos etc. Just like scrapbooking, everyone is free to model it in his/her image: minimalist or loaded with arty details, simple or more complex, colorful or monochrome ... it's up to you!

Know that this new trend is still very practical because it allows you to gather, on a single notebook, a lot of information that will allow you to gain productivity and relieve your head of billions of things to do, not to mention the relaxation that creating brings you!

So of course, that goes without saying, this new technique has boomed in our little creative hearts at Kesi'Art and we thought we should share this love of BUJO with you.

In this category dedicated to the Bullet Journal you will discover various accessories to customize your notebook and each sheet of paper that composes it. From the choice of the notebook in itself to the different writing stencils and all our stamps, you have what you need to get started in the BUJO-LOGY. And if you can not visualize what these famous Bullet Journal may be, we have the inspiration that you need with BUJO achievements on our Kesi'Blog!