How to avoid turning your folds into carnage? Easy, you just have to use the right material (signed Kesi'Art of course!)

Enjoy all these beautiful things: origami papers, plastic folding templates, advent calendar, folding for dragees ... Everything is here for all seasons and events!

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Do you know the different folding techniques? We do and we give you a few in this section dedicated to folding, paper, origami etc etc etc!

Origami for example, is a folding technique that comes straight from Japan and that means "folding paper".

It's even more than a technique, it's an art and to do it right you can help yourself with our plastic templates.

And with origami, we can do a lot of things:

- An advent calendar to prepare Christmas in the best way!

- Folding paper to put dragees to celebrate a birth

- Decoration elements, animals, geometric shapes...

- And even different types of containers

To find creative inspiration with paper and this art of folding, do not hesitate to browse the pages of our Kesi'Blog, you will find tutorials, examples of realization, videos that will help you start your projects Folding as it should!