Storage and tools

Like each and every creative people, we tend to be overwhelmed by all our material dedicated to manual activities and for that, at Kesi'Art, we have the right solutions: envelopes and binder to fil!

As for tooling, do not panic, here you will find the tool to scratch, glue pens, magnetic sheets, acrylic blocks and our adhesive foams.

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Organization is not always synonymous with creation, but at Kesi'Art we have the solution! In other words, we have all you need to store your personal office like envelopes and filing cabinets and the necessary tools for any good creative: the scratching tool, the glue pen, the magnetic sheets, the acrylic blocks, the adhesive foams and the adhesives foam rounds!

This is the ideal place to store, classify, sort and not be overwhelmed by our equipment. The best way to stay organized is within this special storage and tooling section.

The filing cabinets will allow you to store, as the name suggests, but also to safely transport all small stuff of great creative! Whether it's stamps, dies Metaliks, stickers etc, you won't lose anything thanks to this storage solution.

As for the storage envelopes, they are obviously ultra practical so that everything is in its place and there is a place for everything! The tooling is just as important, it is for this reason that with our super scratch tool, you will be able to do foil transfers to brown in an easy way!

Needless to say that glue pens are also useful for any activity related to papeteries, embellishments, cards or anything that requires the use of ribbons or fabric (not to mention our transfers foil to brown which may also need this handy little tool)!

Our magnetic sheets Kesi'Art for their part can be very practical to put on your dies Metaliks thanks to the smooth surface of these magnetic boards.

As for our acrylic blocks, they are essential to make all your imprint accurately when you use your clears stamps. With adhesive foams, you can stick small or large elements to highlight creations.

So, ready for storage and toolage?