Hop hop hop! Look no further!

For all your scrapbooking activities, the stickers section is a must-see and have.

Boards of botanical stickers, happy New Year, Christmas, Moonlight, Relax Wax or Happy Days, to decorate your creations with originality: it's here.

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Who said that scrapbooking was complicated?

With our boards of stickers, nothing easier, you choose your theme among our seven products and you stick!

Practical for embellishment, scrapbooking pages and other creative projects, stickers have their place everywhere in addition to being original and trendy.

In addition to their practicality and ease of use, Kesi'Art stickers save you a lot of time while promising you a nice rendering.

Our seven models have been thought out and imagined by the Kesi'Art team to meet the trends and be of a good quality because the "cheap" renderings are not for us nor you!

All our boards of stickers are printed on a quality adhesive paper and with a good thickness so that these stickers are real pieces of cardboard embellishment.

To serve your various projects and whatever the season, you have the boards of stickers Botanical, Relax Wax, Moonlight, Happy Days, special end of the year with December 25th and the other December 25th dedicated to words.

It seems to sticks well between you and these stickers, don't you think?