Gift ideas

See that moment when you miss the inspiration to find the birthday gift of the sister of your cousin's father-in-law? Well in these moments you go here, on the heading ideas gifts and you pick one of our proposals!

Useful gift as our notebooks or deco as our Piezzles, there is what it takes to offer here.

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This great moment of lonelyness when you are invited to the birthday of someone you do not really know and that in addition you are in charge of the gift, you know? Well guess what, here in the gift ideas section, you should be able to solve this problem!

We offer you different gift ideas to offer on any occasion, from the creative notebook to the decorative elements Piezzles, you have the choice to find the little nugget!

This is a quality choice that is offered to you because we offer four different Piezzles:

- My first is very colorful, dressed in green, blue and yellow ... and makes you want to travel: The Piezzles Wax!

- My second is sweet, adorned with pink, white and black, it is almost lunar: The Piezzles Moon!

- My third will make you have sweet dreams during which he will caress you with his soft pink and yellow feathers: The Pink Dreamcatcher Piezzles!

- My fourth is graphic and wears black and white to delight, he will accompany you in the arms of Morpheus for sweet dreams: The Piezzles Dreamcatcher Black!

And if you still have not found gift ideas, we have our three Ayesha A6 notebooks made in France on which the recipient of the gift can write his/her lists and thoughts but also draw or stamp, everything is possible!

Finally, another solution: the A5 365 days notebook so that your gift can serve all year round as a Bullet Journal for example!