Stencils and paints

You want to give a good brushstroke to decorate your furniture, walls, fabrics, papers or others? You just have to scroll and you will find your happiness here below!

With all our stencils, your missions will be: drawing, cutting, inking, coloring, pschhiitting, watercoloring, sprinkling, penciling ... etc

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The key words for the Kesi'Art team are above all: creativity, originality and quality.

We work with our hearts to get you real nuggets so that you can imagine yours and share it on our social networks with the #kesiart! So with our rather stylish stencils, you have to admit, you will be able to create, customize, ink, paint, draw, color, sprinkle and pschhiitter at will!

It's crazy all you can do with stencils and a little paint. We have understood it at Kesi'Art and that's why we put at your disposal all the necessary to be able to customize everything you want at home.

Want to play with our stencils but don't know what to do with them? Come and have a look on our blog, our creative team unveils all its secrets with step-by-step articles, tutorials, freebies and even videos. With all that, what are you waiting for?