Hot foil transfers

If you love all that glitters, our golden kits are made for you! To decorate a piece of furniture, dress a wall, accessorize a bag ... the possibilities are endless (and beyond).

Our foil transfers have a very good adhesion on paper, ceramic, glass, metal, plastic, wood and fabric ... enough to give you ideas to easily decorate your home!

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We, the Kesi'Art team, love brilliant ideas so we thought that imagining kits to gild easy to use with a very good adhesion on supports such as glass, metal, ceramics , wood, fabric, paper, etc ... would be a great idea. So we did it! Yep, that's typically us, we imagine, we test, we check, we create and we give you all the ideas and resources necessary for you to explore your creative side with quality products!

All our ideas and achievements are homemade by our team and with our (super) products! So you can go with your eyes closed (well not in the literal sense otherwise the result might be disappointing).

To find ideas for using our foil transfers, we give you an appointment on our blog Kesi'Art, the ideal place to see what we can do with these kits to gild!