Our workshops

Come to our creative workshops!

Weaving, crochet, scrap, DIY ... you want to start or deepen your knowledge in one of these activities? In a friendly atmosphere, all gathered around a table, accompanied by talented animators, this is the perfect opportunity to discover and exchange around our common passions while having fun creating!

For all workshops, we provide the material you need to complete the project! And if you have not finished during the workshop, do not panic! You repair at home with all the tools and supplies of the kit!

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Pssst… voici le programme fidélité des Workshops de la Boutique ! À chaque participation à l’un de nos ateliers, vous recevez 1 badge fidélité.

Dès 3 badges cumulés, votre 4ème atelier vous est offert ! Plus aucune excuse pour ne pas vous inscrire à nos Ateliers rennais !


Avez-vous déjà pensé à privatiser notre espace atelier ?

À partir de 6 personnes, vous pouvez réserver la salle d’atelier pour le workshop de votre choix (unique et sur-mesure ou présent dans le catalogue de la Boutique) ! Le spot idéal pour passer un bon moment entre copines lors d’un enterrement de vie de jeune fille ou entre collègues lors d’un séminaire d’entreprise… Contactez-nous pour nous soumettre votre projet !


The appointments not to be missed are our Saturday workshops.

Doing a workshop with us is the perfect opportunity to learn a creative hobby you don't know, to make a project that tickles your eye or get good advice to reproduce the creations at home!

Kesi'Art offers you different topics and themes each month to attend in small and friendly groups. It's the best way to share a good moment between creative people.

The majority of the workshops will be given to you by our super Kesi'Team but as we like to welcome, you will also be able to attend sessions with our guests! In any case, our workshops are always synonymous with quality, originality and trend.

Whether your thing is: knitting, sewing, macrame, punch needle, embroidery, crochet, weaving, DIY or scrapbooking, you will always find something to occupy a Saturday creatively with us.

All our workshops are organized in a stylish place: our shop, 28 Saint Louis St, located in the very heart of the historic center of Rennes!

Now that you have the address, the day of the week and the different activities we offer you, you just have to register and join us!

Many of you want to come? From six people, you can book the workshop room for the session of your choice (unique and tailor-made or present in the catalog of the shop) by contacting us directly by email or phone! The ideal spot to have a good time with friends during a bachelor party or between colleagues for a business seminar for example.

See you soon!