Macramé is back in force in our decor and might surprise you in the form of plant suspensions or wall hangings.

Here, on Kesi'Art website, find all the material necessary for your realization: colored cotton threads and cords, pearls, hanging wooden sticks, wooden tray and wooden rings for a bohemian and authentic decorative touch.

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We'll start from the beginning, because if you do not know what macramé is, you may not understand why we're talking about ropes, beads and wooden rings! So, macrame is a technique that consists of making decorative objects or accessories by a set of knots.

Simply with a bit of Run The Cord (our famous macrame rope), you can do all kinds of things for you or your home.

Macrame by Kesi'Art goes very well with plants and suspensions such as succulents! It can also serve, depending on the knots you choose, to make a bag, a pot, a jewel, a suspension ... the list is long!

Clearly, nothing complicated, you choose the color you want for cotton yarn or 100% recycled cotton Run the Cord, you choose your decorative elements: natural wood beads or black wood, rings natural wood, round tray in natural wood ... and you throw yourself in the knots!

And if you tangle the brushes, do not panic, go to the blog and you will find step by step tutorials, freebies, articles and more and better!