The Kesi'Market is THE place to be to shop for the Kesi'Art product that was missing from your collection, and in addition, at an unbeatable price!

It's a bit like our own private sales, our little bazaar, our end of series, our treasure chest, our outlet so that you can make the right find!

The principle is simple: select the products of your choice and fill your Kesi'Box to create at low prices.

Printed papers, stickers, embellishments, threads and yarns, tools, accessories, etc. find dozens of creative leisure items at great prices but beware, the Kesi'Market is only open by appointment so subscribe to the newsletter to keep up to date with these exceptional sales.

One thing is certain: there won't be enough for everyone!


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Aaah the famous Kesi'Market, many of you know what it is precisely and guess what, it evolves!

The concept of Kesi'Market pleased you so much that we had to make the pleasure last.

So we had the idea to offer products at minimum prices not just for a weekend, but ALL YEAR LONG!

You will have to come to visit us regularly here, because it is the perfect place to shop our pop and colorful products, complete your collections and find new products designed especially for you.

We think we can safely say that we had a very good idea to launch this first edition of Kesi'Market that you had stormed on our booth at IDcréatives, that's why we continue the adventure by pampering you now 365 days a year!

With the success of the first versions of Kesi'Market, you will understand, we decided to perpetuate and expand it. Kesi'Market becomes now our bazaar, our treasure chest, the place where you will find our end of series, our outlets but also our last nuggets. That's why you have to go head over here often!

The top is that here we offer unbeatable prices on your essentials, your basics, but also amazing new stuff!

All you have to do is choose the products for which your heart swings, add them to your basket, receive them, create, share with #kesiart on social networks and start over!

Printed papers, clear stamps, wooden stamps, Metaliks cutting tools, stickers, embellishments, accessories ...

Your bargains but beware, there will not be for everyone because stocks are limited!