Cards and correspondence

Want to send sweet words? The heading cards and correspondence is the right place for you! Here are all our postcards necessary for correspondence with your loved ones. Ideal to share your love of creation!

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This heading about cards and correspondence is the perfect place to find the postcard that will allow you to transmit your passion of do it yourself, sewing, knitting, decor, in short: creation in general!

Our very graphic and modern postcards are the best way to make your relatives want to start a realization 100% home made. Pretty words are waiting for you and just ask to be sent to whoever!

A total of 25 Kesi'Art postcards with different colors and inspirations are ready to be sent for any occasion or even, without any particular occasion, simply for the pleasure of offering. And if you don't want to give it but rather to keep it for you (which is quite understandable), well either you can frame it to use as a wall decoration or express your creativity on it with scrapbooking embellishments, transparent stamps etc ...

The cherry on the cake (or rather on the postcard) is that they are all printed recto-verso in France and in compliance with the charts Imprim'vert and FSC.

So, that sends no?