Macrame suspension kit - Jungle

Fashion and interior creative kits to assemble yourself as a turnkey workshop from your living room!

The kit contains:

01. 1 ball of macramé cotton thread 3mm

02. 1 beech wood ring diameter 5.5cm

03. 4 beads of beech wood diameter 2cm

04. 1 how-to user guide

In addition, you will need:

- 1 pair of scissors

- 1 meter tape

HOBBY: macramé

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: ★ (from 10 years old)


COLLECTION: Greenterior

Discover the modern art of macrame and knot techniques to create unique and trendy pieces like this suspension to highlight your green plants. A decorative accessory to adopt urgently to bring the bohemian and chic touch to your interior.

Creative learning kit to create a macrame suspension


Ready-to-create Kits by Kesi'Art are creative projects to decorate, dress or simply create over collections that are like pretty stories to listen to, trends to adopt and especially heart strokes.

All tested and approved in our workshops, our kits are easy to make and all the necessary equipment is included inside the box.

For beginners as well as experienced ones!

The Ready-to-create Kits have been designed for all those who want to have a re-creative break to achieve with his ten fingers a project that will find its place in your home or in your dressing room.

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