Automatic knitting mill

Automatic knitting mill

Knit perfect stitches in few minutes!

Material: plastic and metal

Dimensions: 58 x 110 x 160 mm

How to Use instructions in English and French

For a better result, opt for a wool firmly spun and knitting with needles ranging from 3 to 3.5 mm as our superwash Merino wool Colette.

Mechanical spool knitter, a ballast weight and a 2 mm metal crochet hook

Make wool braided cords, it's easy! Turn the handweaving clockwise and get ropes in a clever way! Perfectly fit your DIY projects such as knits, crochet, decoration and customization.

Cords, borders and appliqués, fringes and ties, knots and braids, handles and straps, this is up your alley!

MNI-TRI1 / 3760172975373

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