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Book - Latch hooking

The latch hooking, you know? Discover how to magnify your wool falls with this supa cool technique!

Publisher: Mango editions

Collection: My beautiful creations

Author: Bohométrie

Dimensions: 25 x 20 cm

Number of pages: 80 pages

Number of models: 10 projects explained step-by-step with photos

Language: French

Creative book "Latch hooking 10 creations" by Bohométrie

Behind the term latch hooking, hides in reality the point knotted!

What is it ?! It's the art of knitting woolen strands on a canevas fabric ... hey, that simple! Accessible for all even the smallest, discover thanks to this book this bluffing technique!

Make easily pocket, cushion, wall hanging ... Find in all 10 unpublished models, photographed step by step.

Online, shop the necessary supplies: wool, hook and canevas.

For each creation, the level of difficulty and the wool references are indicated. And with the grid of points, impossible to be wrong!

63841 / 9782317018190

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