qui sommes nous


... for DIY and fun, graphic and colorful creative hobbies since 2007.

Kesi'Art was born at the initiative of its founder: Laetitia ROULLEAU.

Passionate about creative hobbies in general and scrapbooking in particular, actively participating in specialized magazines on the subject, leading workshops and holding a blog, she opened a first online store. Armed with 65 first stamp references, the same evening, she displays stocks exhausted: the great success met confirms the legitimacy of the project ... the great adventure was launched!

Ulrich ERNOUF joined in 2009 bringing with him his accounting and commercial skills.

Kesi'Art is today a small and happy team whose daily mission is to reveal your creative side sleeping in you.


Our belief is that everyone can and should even create ...

And, guess what, we’re here to help you ! Kesi’Art’s touch: colors, neat graphics, little catchy sentences to stir up the excitement or the desire to create with your own fingers.

We like to think that we bring to people beautiful moments of fantasy with a different style and innovative services designed for you: DIY workshops, tour thanks to our famous Kesi'truck, thorough tutorials, new products every month that rock.

Our style is energetic and colorful, in line with the desires of fans of creative hobbies ... A well-defined graphic style that displays a clean and recognizable identity. A desire to stick to market trends and even to anticipate them. Our products are as accessible in terms of their use as in terms of their price.

Kesi'Art is above all creativity, combined with innovative products and expertise pushed to the tip of our scissors


petit créateur et fier de l'être

Kesi'Art ... to wear, to decorate and create!

une de nos valeurs le partage


Our blog, our social networks, our website are tools that allows us a direct proximity with you so that we can learn to know each of the users of our products to answer the best way to your expectations and react in a more efficient way!

And non-only we know you, but we also accompany you during your creative process: explaining you how our products work, showing you all the use cases possible with a product, offering you projects that you can do from A to Z at home. Because this, is also an important part of our daily know-how and it makes our brand a unique and different brand from the other market players! That’s why you absolutely need to follow our adventures! #subscribe

quand créativité rime avec qualité


We offer you a complete range of quality product, mainly made in France, entirely graphically conceived in our headquarters, coordinated and most of all accessible for the greatest number. By outsourcing our logistics in 2013, we have chosen to focus on what we do best: having ideas, materializing them by creation, imagining packaging that give colors to your daily life, sharing our know-how, telling our adventures in real time and making it easier for you to find our products.


DIY kits feel good to create your own fashion and decoration! Macrame, knitting, crochet, sewing, creative stationery, embroidery ... our kits are multi-activity, perfect for beginners as well as the most experienced and guaranteed 100% creative!