Creative notebooks

A5 notebook - Everyday notes

Creative Stationery

Composition: 160 dotted pages printing in blue (26 x 39 dots)

Material: white paper

Dimensions: 14,8 x 21 cm

Weight: 80 g/m2

Details: Nominative cover page and 4-page index; Cardboard cover and matt coated; Hot foil printing; Pages to number yourself; Round elastic closure; Storage pouch in the inside cover

A5 Notebook for bullet journal with dotted pages

If you want to start a Bullet Journal, this dotted notebook is ideal!

Notebooks, diaries, diaries, notebooks, writing blocks ... We all have our method to stay organized! We write, we make lists, we draw, we stamp it ... everything is allowed! Manage your daily life in a playful way by creating your own DIY newspapers and 100% personalized!

Notebook, logbook, guestbook, cookbook or journal of the story of your travel project, imagine the notebook of your dreams!

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