Rastafia raffia yarn

Here is finally an alternative for all vegan crocheters & knitters at Kesi'Art!

The yarn is called Rastafia and is made from 100% vegetable materials (wood fiber) only.

Biodegradable and ecological, our yarn allows natural creations at the forefront of the trend. Hats, bags, baskets, baskets, sandals ... the bohemian accessories we all love to wear in summer!

Very trendy material, it is also almost waterproof and dries very quickly.

At the same time light, flexible and resistant, our raffia yarn can be crocheted, braided, woven, knotted and even embroidered.

We specially imagined a colorama of 12 neutral colors inspired by nature.

Do you know ? Raffia takes its name from a very large palm tree called raffia native to Madagascar that can also be found in tropical regions. This fiber is water resistant, so it allows the manufacture of ropes and upholstery fabrics such as rabane.

At Kesi'Art, we love the good hold of this yarn once it has been worked, making it possible to make a crazy number of different creations for both fashion and interior decoration, including floral art and jewelry.

Quality: 100% wood fiber

Hook: 4-6 mm / 2½-10 US

Needles: 3,5-6 mm / 2½-10 US

Weight: 50 gr

Length: 76 m

Sold individually

100% vegetable crochet Rastafia yarn to create bohemian accessories

Care tips:

For best results, hand wash your designs and wash dark colors separately. No bleach. Quick flat drying.

Biodegradable, recyclable, vegan and water resistant yarn.

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Available colors:

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