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Stabilized fern - Coffee

Passionate about dried flowers? Compose your own creations with our selection of flower stems, dried and stabilized leaves!

Bouquets, paintings, bells, wreaths, candles, jewellery, macrame, weaving... the possibilities of creation are multiple in floral composition whether it is to decorate our interiors on a daily basis or to flower our events such as a wedding, a baptism, a birthday, etc

Our dried flowers and leaves will find an ideal place in our photo frames, an original way to bring nature into your interior and bring a bohemian and authentic touch. Have fun mixing them with anything that can inspire you: family photos, memories, illustrations, postcards...

You can put this rustic decoration on a shelf, a desk, a chest of drawers or display it on your walls. Also easily change the flowers and other elements of your frame according to the seasons and your decorative desires!

This Fern leaf is stabilized, which means that it has the appearance of a fresh leaf and that it does not need any maintenance, neither watering nor the need for light. We appreciate the very graphic aspect of the Fern which will bring character and a bucolic side to any floral composition.

Stem height: 30 to 45cm

Variety: fern

Sold by the stem

Stem of stabilized fern leaf color gray coffee

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