Set of 20 ribbon knots - Pink peach

Perfect little embellishments to give relief to all your creations!

Versatile, these pretty satin ribbon bows about 3.5 cm wide can be used in DIY, scrapbooking, card making, sewing, textile customization, jewelry and decoration.

They can be sewn or glued using a point of glue on any support or object: a mini-photo album cover, a bag of sugared almonds, a bracelet, a flower crown, a hat, clothes, an invitation card ...

These ribbon bows will make all the difference and this, on any occasion: birthday, wedding, Christmas ...

Since the knots are not fixed, you can adjust their size and make them a little smaller or a little bigger.

At Kesi'Art, we appreciate them for their vivid colors and we particularly like using them to personalize our gift packages!

Available in different colors

Material: polyester

Approximate dimensions: 3.5 x 4 cm

Ribbon width: 1 cm

Quantity: 20 knots

Colors: pink - orange

Sold in sets of 20 pieces

Assortment of 20 satin bows to sew or glue peach pink color

#000430 / 3760172986881

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