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Set of 3 embroidery wooden circles

To embroider with children from an early age!

... or how to introduce young and old alike to the practice of cross stitch embroidery while personalizing the walls of your interior.

Cross stitch embroidery is easy to do. The principle? X-shaped dots form a pattern, an inscription or an image on a screen or a medium.

With the help of our woolen tapestry needles (Ref. MNI-AL1) and embroidery cotton or yarn, invent your own patterns and use your imagination to compose colorful and cheerful frames that will liven up your decor!

Once embroidered, our supports will become beautiful accessories to hang on the walls of a hallway, a workshop or a child's room.

And if you're out of ideas, go to Kesi'Blog to download some cool diagrams!

The tip of the Kesi'Art team: multiply the supports to make a garland to hang on the top of a fireplace, on the edge of a table or on a light. You can embroider a birthday message, a child's name or an optimistic message that feels good.

Available in different designs

Circles diameter: 11.5 cm

Quantities: 3 wooden supports

Material: wood

Sold by sets of 3 pieces

Assortment of 3 laser-cut wooden embroidery supports

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