Embroidery canvas cotton coupon - 50 x 50 cm

The perfect canvas for modern embroidery and fine needle punch needle!

With a substantial thickness and superior quality, Kesi'Art cotton canvas can be painted, embroidered, sewn, drawn, glued ... as many creative possibilities as talents!

Our hand embroidery needles just like our punch needle will not leave a mark on this regularly woven fabric. The rendering of your embroidery will be very fine.

Can be used with an embroidery support such as our embroidery bamboo hoops, our oval embroidery hoops or our clip-on craft frames.

At Kesi'Art, we especially recommend this canvas if you are new to embroidery. Rigid, it is very pleasant to embroider.

Also sold by 10 cm

Quality: 100% cotton

Coupon dimensions: 50 x 50 cm

Thickness: 8oz

Sold individually

Cotton canvas fabric coupon to embroider

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