Set of 6 embroidery patches N°2

Designed by us, embroidered by you... Here are our embroidery stick & stitch patches to upcycle your clothes and other accessories!

Our lovely designs are printed on an adhesive, water-soluble sheet making them ready-to-stitch on any medium. T-shirt, sweatshirt, jacket, jeans, children's clothing, tote bag, tablecloth, tea towel, cushion cover... you're ready to go into customization mode!

Each patch is single-use: just peel off the protective backing, stick the patch on your project area and start embroidering! When done embroidering, soak in warm water to dissolve the paper, rub it gently and let it dry. Glue, embroider, wash and enjoy your embroidery!

Be creative and experiment with different embroidery stitches and color combinations!

Some patches contain several patterns, we advise you to cut them out beforehand if you want to embroider them separately.

Note that this pack only includes embroidery transfers. There are no needles or embroidery threads provided.


- a self-adhesive and water-soluble printed model

- basic instructions on the app

You will also need:

- an embroidery needle, cotton threads of the colors of your choice, an embroidery hoop and embroidery scissors

Dimensions: 7.5 x 13.5cm

Sold by set of 6 patches

Set of 6 ready-to-sew patterns to customize clothes and accessories

How it works ?

- The patterns are pre-printed on an adhesive and water-soluble paper. Simply peel off the protective backing and stick the patch to the spot on the fabric of your choice.

- Start embroidering over the design.

- When the embroidery is finished, soak it in warm water, rub the sticker and let it dry.

It is recommended to sew on non-stretch fabrics.

Be sure to secure your threads by tying them at the back of your project, to prevent the threads from coming loose during the wash.

Note: Embroidery supplies or embroidery stitch instructions are not included. Find the different embroidery stitches on our Youtube channel.

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