Who are we?

It all starts in 2007 with Laetitia and her passion for scrapbooking. The story began with the launch of her own blog dedicated to enhancing creative workshops that she animates throughout France and the first step she makes into online business reveal a great success of her vision.

Ulrich, the man who supervises the quality, has joined the team in 2009, bringing also his creativity as well as strong competencies in budget management.

Today, Kesi’Art has become a challenging adventure for all people who fuel for its development, bringing to you all the services and creating inspiration in your daily emotion with awesome and value added products. 

For more informations, please to visit "About us"

What do we do?

Kesi'art is a brand dedicated to craft activities: scrapbooking, DIY, haberdashery... All we like is to reinvent those universes! Our Mission is to create fun, colorful graphics and products to bring beautiful moments of fantasy to you, everyday and at every occasion, with 100% of pleasure and good mood!

At Kesi'Art, our Vision is based on expanding creativity, setting trends, sharing experiences and the need to create multiple links.

Being a small structure, our success is enhanced by our ability to respond rapidly to market demand, to put our customers are the core of our strategy. Our Value is to develop creative design and products to all the people in search for inspiration.

The Kesi'Team

On the blog, our creative team uses our products and delivers to you weekly tips in order to bring ideas and inspiration to your projects. Surf on their profile on our website and discover their beautiful creations.

Should you desire to take part to the Kesi'team? Please contact us: contact@kesi-art.com.

What will you find on this site?

This community site offers you to follow news on Kesi'Art activities and generally allows you to learn about new techniques and share DIY or sell your tutorials of creations.

You just have to register on the website and access to the multiple services available (Community, Creative Studio...)


How to register on the site?

Subscribe to Kesi-art.com is really simple, fill out the required fields (email address, name, city...) then click on "Create my account" to activate your membership.

Why become a member?

If you join the community, you can exchange with the other Kesi'nautes, post your projects, collect comments and enjoy the layouts of other creative people.

As you can see, you can enjoy this social network entirely dedicated to craft.

How much does that cost?

Registration for Kesi-art.com is free and comes with no obligation to buy.

I cannot active my account

Check your email address and password and log in again. Observe upper and lowercase entered when creating your account.

Make sure the Caps Lock key is not activated by mistake.

If you are sure that the information is correct and you are unable to connect, contact us: contact@kesi-art.com.

How can I change the password?

You can change your password anytime.

You just have to connect to kesi-art.com and click on your username (at the top right of the page). In the section titled "Change Password", change the password filling in the first field blank and confirm it again in the second.

You just have to click on "Update my information" to confirm the change.

Ok, but… I forgot my password?

You have forgotten your password? Don’t worry, just click "password forgotten?" in the connection panel and enter in the field provided for this purpose the email address used during the registration on kesi-art.com.

We will send a link to this address. By clicking this link, you can confirm your identity and set a new password to access your account.

If your email address is to be changed, you can send a message to contact@kesi-art.com.

How to complete your profile?

Whether you're a fan of creative leisures or just curious, it is important to complete your profile in order to better communicate with the Kesi'nautes. Firstly, make sure you are registered and logged in.

To do this, hover over your username at the top of the page, then a pop-up window will be opened and there you have a choice between "my account" and "my activity within the community."

By clicking "My Account", you can access to the administration panel and complete the different fields one by one.

By clicking on "my activity within the community," you can change your profile image, have a look at and / or edit your profile information, for example: your news, your bio, your gallery, your projects or your contacts.

Click on your username, the Kesi'board appears, you will get the summary of the information you have provided. This is what all other members will see you, your public profile sum. All information about you (profile photo, blog address, social networks, bio, city and country living) can be modified in "my activity within the community".

Note that you also have the ability to customize the image of your banner with the button "Edit my banner" on the right.

I cannot find my public profile

All Kesi'naute has a viewable profile. This page includes information provided by the member during the registration process or later via the Kesi'board.

When you are logged in, you can view your profile by clicking on your username shown at the top of the page.

There are several ways to view a user's profile. If you click on your profile image or your user, this will display your public profile.
You can browse the profiles of all registered users by clicking on their profile picture or their username.

What about the newsletter?

By subscribing to the newsletter, you will receive updates from the blog, the site and News of Kesi-art.com.

After being logged, you can access to the settings for the newsletter by clicking on "My Account" (top right of the page).
In space "newsletter" in the middle of the pop-up, you can subscribe or unsubscribe, simply check "yes" or "no."

Can I delete my account?

Why do you want to do so? But yes, of course you can cancel your account anytime to Kesi-art.com, without specifying any reason. Simply contact us at contact@kesi-art.com.

Can I order on the website?

On Kesi-art.com, you can get recommendations on our products and gather items in your wishlist, but you can not buy directly from the site.

If you want to buy, you can contact one of our distributors, listed below here.


How to upload your project to the community?

Only members can post a photo of their projects to the Community.
Click on the "Community" tab. Once on the "gallery" page, you will find the button "upload your projects here".

A form then opens and invites you to post your layouts and complete some informations: title, description of the project, the tags (keywords), the products used, and the topics related to your creation. Then choose your image from your computer and click OK.

You can upload up to 10 pictures. To crop your photo, you can use a photo software or an application online.

I cannot add any photos?

Maybe your pictures are in the wrong format, the formats we accept are: jpg et.png.

They may also be too heavy, if that's the case, check the export settings on your software or camera.

What kinds of projects are accepted?

We accept all projects related to arts and crafts made by you in scrapbooking, card making, DIY, knitting and sewing.

Projects must be accompanied by a short description and you must be the author of projects.

By posting pictures in the gallery, you agree that any creation whatsoever constitutes no plagiarism, violation or breach of the rights of a third party (copyright, products of a different brand, patents or other personal or proprietary rights).

How to make beautiful pictures for my creations?

The best is to have a good light and a good camera, a smartphone may well do the trick.

Then you can shoot your creations from afar, from near, from the top, etc. So that Kesi'nautes can imagine your layout from every angle.

How do I delete layouts from my gallery?

On the description of your project, you just have to delete it with the button provided for the purpose on the top at the right of the picture.


I would like download freebies?

Right click on the desired Freebies and then click "download". You can then open and print it as you want.

How to print a freebie?

Once the document is downloaded to your computer as seen in the previous question of the FAQ, open it and click on the printer icon in the PDF document.

How do I use the resources the site offers?

Concerning the different resources that offers site Kesi-Art.com, know that they are available for the purpose of personal use. This means that you can not:

- sell the resources in the form of computer files, or fact sheets of physical workshops,

- sell a project based resources in the form of finished products or products presented in the workshop,

- in general, copy, reproduce, or redistribute in any form of resources offered by the site Kesi-Art.com.

Videos, tutorials and freebies are the property of the company and are protected by all rights of intellectual property in force (French and international laws).

- Any representation and/or reproduction and/or partial or total of one holding any of these elements by any means whatsoever, without the written permission of the company is strictly prohibited and would be likely constitute a crime of counterfeiting within the meaning of articles L.335 - 2 and following of the Code of intellectual property.

If you are interested in a particular application, please contact us for any request: contact@kesi-art.com.


How do you treat our data?

In all cases, Kesi-art.com will not share your personal information to third parties or publish any registered or confidential information on the site.

You are our Kesi'nautes we handle your information in strict compliance with the privacy regulations. Click here for more information.

If questions remain unanswered or if points do not seem sufficiently clear, feel free to contact us at: contact@kesi-art.com

Personal and confidential information you provide to us in order to create your account (for posting photos to the gallery or to respond to a forum post) are only used for the administration of the community.

They are not (and will) never be shared with third parties or sold.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of the 6th January 1978, you can anytime rectify or moderate your personal data. See our terms of privacy policies here.


How do I notify you in the event of a problem on the site?

If you are having problems when connecting, viewing photos or other technical annoyances, do not hesitate to notify us by email at the following address: contact@kesi-art.com.

We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

I want to get in contact with kesi-art.com, who should I contact?

You didn’t find the answer to your question, send us an email to : contact@kesi-art.com. We will reply within 24 hours.

I want to get in contact with kesi-art.com, who should I contact?
Below here’s a list of useful contacts

You can contact us by mail: Kesi'Art 28 rue Saint-Louis 35000 RENNES FRANCE or by email:
Recruitment: contact@kesi-art.com
Press: contact@kesi-art.com
Partnership / Sponsorship: contact@kesi-art.com
Joining the creative team: laetitia@kesi-art.com
Communication: communication@kesi-art.com
Business / Reseller: ulrich@kesi-art.com