Foil transfers - We smile
  • Foil transfers - We smile

Foil transfers - We smile

Bring brilliance to all your projects with our foil transfers!

Colour: gold


- 1 board of rubons (1 pattern)

- 2 metallic foil sheets "gold" colour

Dimensions: 12 x 12,6 cm

Golden transfer foil kit

Decorate a piece of furniture, dress a wall, access a bag, ... the creative possibilities are endless!

Excellent adhesion on paper, ceramic, glass, metal, plastic, wood, fabric, etc. Ideal for customization, interior decoration and creative leisure!


1. Ensure the place you want to decorate is very clean and smooth, any residue will stop the rub-ons from adhering.

2. Peel of the clear sheet and keep adhesive away from the dust.

3. Place the adhesive side down and apply the pattern on the desired position.

4. Rub the pattern toward the same direction. Help with our scrapper tool on textured surface.

5. Peel of the overlay and ensure it's adhered perfectly.

6. Cover the foil sheet onto the sticky pattern, the golden face facing you.

7. To rub the foil with overlay as a protector will avoid shift and work easily.

8. Peel of the foil sheet slightly and you can see the patterns popping nicely.

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