Pompom tool

The pretty little regular pompoms are yours!

Easily make colorful wool pompoms thanks to this set of 3 very easy to use templates and customize scarves, hats, clothes, wicker baskets, raffia pockets, cushions, rugs ...

As fun for adults as it is for children! They will be delighted to make their first creations.

Composed of removable soft plastic wheels, the operation of our pompom tool is simple. It suffices to wrap the wool around 2 discs then when the wool layer is thick enough, to put a cut of the scissors. Then pass a strand of wool through the 2 discs, tie, remove the templates and voila!

It is an easy creative activity that requires few materials: punchlaine wool or cotton embroidery thread and a pair of scissors.

It is possible to create plain, two-tone or multicolored pompoms by simply superimposing the layers of wool of different colors.

Once finished, the pompoms can be assembled to form animals by adding, for example, moving eyes or pieces of paper to form the beak, ears ...

This is when a chick or a rabbit comes to life and becomes your toddler's best friend: a teddy bear made by himself.

To make a 5.5 cm diameter pompom, use the 3 nested discs one inside the other.

To make a 3 cm diameter pompom, keep the 2 small central discs nested one inside the other.

And to make a 2 cm mini pompom, use only the very small discs with fine thread, such as embroidery thread.

This kit contains 3 templates Ø 2 cm, Ø 3 cm and Ø 5,5 cm

Material: plastic

2, 3, 5.5 cm

Sold in sets of 3 pieces

3 sizes clip-on pompom tool

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