Yarn gauge and knitting needles

The perfectly useful tool for addicted knitters!

Made from recycled/recyclable acrylic making it durable, this Kesi'Art accessory that you will take everywhere has a triple functionality:

- a gauge to determine the diameter of your knitting needles (US: 0 - 17 / mm: 2.0 - 12.0 mm). Very useful when your needles are not numbered, the equivalences of FR / US needle sizes are also mentioned.

- a wool gauge (wraps per inch tool) allowing you to determine the thickness of your wool. Wrap the wool around the frame by passing it through the notch at the top (the one measuring 1 inch) and determine the number of turns made to completely fill the space of this notch. According to the result obtained, evaluate if your yarn is fingering, worsted, aran, dk, sport, lace, bulky or super bulky and if it corresponds to the yarn used in the pattern you are about to knit.

- a ruler in centimeters to measure your samples and the progress of your knitting. To do this, simply place the hoop over your project or swatch and count the number of stitches and rows knitted inside the bottom notch.

The large notch in the bottom of the frame measures 5cm while the small notch measures 1 inch, making this ruler universal for all knitting lovers.

8 x 8 x 0.3cm


Made in France

Sold individually

Knitting needle gauge, yarn gauge and acrylic ruler for measuring your swatches and knits

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