Book - Sewing clothes without a pattern

A book to start sewing imagined by a beginner seamstress ... this is how the author Alexandra Baio describes her book!

And indeed, in this book, you will realize that creating and sewing a garment is not that complicated as it sounds! Without a pattern, make your entire wardrobe from the basic piece to more sophisticated models.

A pretty dress, a light blouse, a little sweater or a pleated skirt, looks how easy it is to become a consumer actress and to completely review your relationship with fashion and clothing.

At Kesi'Art, we are amazed by the ingenuity of the patterns of the models in this book. And finally, an uncomplicated sewing book, not intellectual for a penny but on the contrary, simple and understandable for beginners! A real moment of pleasure to read it, imagine the moments of pleasure to sew his creations!

Publisher: Mango éditions

Collection: Mango éditions

Author: Alexandra Baio

Dimensions: 20 x 25 x 1 cm

Number of pages: 78 pages

Number of patterns: 10 models of clothes

Language: French

Sewing book "Clothes to sew without a pattern - 10 breathtaking patterns to start sewing clothes" by Alexandra Baio

MN23545 / 9782317023545

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