Book - Zen knit

As it seems, just knit to feel good!

Publisher: Mango editions

Collection: Crea Therapy

Author: Charlov and Hello Kim

Dimensions: 24 x 19,5 cm

Number of pages: 112 pages

Number of models: 15 cocooning knitting projects

Language: French

Knitting book "Zen knit: 15 patterns to let go and relax" by Charlov and Hello Kim

It is not us who will contradict the purpose of this book: knit relaxes, does good, soothes, distresses ... in short, knitting is good for your health!

So get started without delay in the creation of the 15 models proposed by the two creative bloggers Charlov and Hello kim. This duo explains you how to make: pantry, cover for hot water bottle, XXL plaid ... projects cocooning wish!

To take the time to escape, grab your knitting needles and calmly start your reading by activating yourself to do the 15 exercises of well-being in relation to each model, to realize during your privileged moments spent knitting: lighten its shoulders, listen to your body, meditate ... Instant zen guaranteed!

Find all the necessary material: wool, needles, marker rings, ... on our website.

63488 / 9782812503719

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