Recycled cotton yarn ecru 2 mm

Made of 100% recycled cotton, our new rope is perfect for your macramé work.

Easy to fry, the raw look of this thread will give the desired authenticity to your creations and the bohemian touch to your interior.

Braid, knotted, macrame, crocheted, sewn, knits baskets, carpets, cushions ...

Discover also in this same range all our wooden accessories: rings and sticks of suspension, pearls, bowls and trays!

At Kesi'Art, we love the mottled appearance and the irregularities due to the recycling of cotton which gives this yarn this special charm.

Crochet in 8-10 mm

Diameter: 2 mm

Quality: 100% recycled cotton

Weight: 100 gr

Footage: 60 m

Macramé rope 2 mm 100% recycled cotton

#000461 / 3760172987192
Available colors:

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