Where to find us?

Scrapbooking, collage, folding, arts, customization, knitting, embroidery, punch needle, crochet, knitting ... so many creative worlds in which Kesi'Art evolves! We are the creator of our own creative hobby supplies and we are riding all the DIY trends of the moment. You will necessarily find a manual activity that suits you and start easily with our tutorials and tips. The adventure of hand-made is just a click away!

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Located in the historic center of Rennes, 28 rue Saint Louis, our brand is now embodied in a nice shop offering various creative materials, colorful and graphic! If you want to bend, glue, knit, sew, dab, decorate, embellish ... Kesi'Art will be "the spot" where to stop.

This unique, friendly place, dedicated to creative hobbies also offers Workshops to start or deepen the practice of Scrap, Knitting, DIY, etc. A beautiful experience to try to take pleasure in creating simply. To visualize the schedule of the next workshops, RDV on the BLOG!

Crafterie is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 to 19:00