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Planner ring binder 15,75 x 18cm - Bonjour

Easily create a memorable scrap album with this useful printed workbook. Customize, decorate, embellish and preserve your best memories!

Road book, diary, planner, story of your last adventures or more simply, book of your favorite photos, this support gives material to creation.

Organize and simplify your everyday life with our planner albums and calendar refills.
Giving you the perfect place to keep all your to-do lists, notes and bits and pieces in order, our daily planners make it easy to map out the important events in your life thanks to the clear pockets and stickers.

Discover coordinated products: calendar planner refills, compartmentalized clear pockets, pre-printed cards and stickers to easily organize and immortalize your daily life!

Material: cardboard covered with printed paper & golden metallic parts

Interior: 4 cardboard dividers

Dimensions: 15.75 x 18 cm

Details: Matte lamination & hot foil printing

Sold individually

Multi-Purpose archived binder album: planner calendar, photos albums, archiving

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