Punch Needle

Interchangeable embroidery needle

So easy to start but impossible to stop!

Material: metal and plastic

Dimensions: 2 x 15 cm

Included :

- 1 magic needle to embroider

- 3 interchangeable needles diameters 1,3 mm, 1,6 mm and 2,2 mm

- 2 needle threaders

- And instructions in French and English

12 sizes of loops possible

Magic interchangeable embroidery punch needle for fine threads and wool yarns

Embroidery 2.0 ... or how to embroider in relief thanks to this totally magical tool!

The embroidery needle will allow you to create adorable creations very easily. On the place of your work, embroider a flat point (back point, satin stitch or zig-zag stitch) while on the wrong side, "loop" stitches will appear. Dress a cushion, customize a T-shirt, a totebag, etc.

Use with our embroidery cotton thread and our Colette merino wool. 3 needle sizes and 12 sizes of loops possible.


1- Insert the threader into the punch needle from the needle point and completely through its barrel until it comes out the opposite end of the punch needle.

2- Insert thread/yarn into the threader loop and pull the threader back out of the needle. Pull the thread/yarn downward out of the threader tip end and remove the thread or yarn from the threader.

3- Insert the threader through the needle eye from the needle back of the needle tip.

4- Place the end of the thread/yarn into the threader and pull the threader back out of the needle eye. Pull the the thread/yarn downward out of the threader tip and remove the thread: yarn from the threader. Threading is completeted.

5- Choose your fabric: embroidery canvas, cotton fabric,etc. Stretch your fabric in a frame: embroidery wooden hoop or wooden frame. Work on the back of the frame to see the curls forming on the front of the canvas.

6- Punch needle should penetrate all the way into the fabric so the grip of the needle touches the fabric. The needle must be pushed all the way in on each stitch to make an even look. Lift needle out of fabric, just enough to move to next stitch. Keep the needle as close to the material as possible. Lifting the needle too high shortens the loops on the front of the design and creates unwanted loops on the back.

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