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Kit bracelet alpha - Cool mama

Are you looking for the perfect gift for Mother's Day or just to tell your mother how much you love her? Look no further, we have the solution: the DIY message bracelet!

Two options are available to you: either you offer her the kit so that she can make it herself, or you create her the colorful jewel to wear all summer!

Love on your wrist with this touching message that goes straight to the heart guaranteed!

DIY from the age of 6

Bracelet length: 20 cm adjustable

The kit contains:

01. Alphabet beads

02. 1 golden star pearl

03. 1 braided polyester nude cord

04. 1 adjustable clasp in golden zamak

05. 2 gold crimp beads

06. 1 how-to user guide

In addition, you will need:

1 pair of scissors, 1 needle with round end to facilitate the passage of the cord and 1 multi-function jewelry plier (optional)

HOBBY: jewelry

COLOR: nude pink

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: ★ (from 10 years old)

TIMING: 20mn


Creative learning kit to create a colorful bracelet with a powerful message "Cool mama"


Ready-to-create Kits by Kesi'Art are creative projects to decorate, dress or simply create over collections that are like pretty stories to listen to, trends to adopt and especially heart strokes.

All tested and approved in our workshops, our kits are easy to make and all the necessary equipment is included inside the box.

For beginners as well as experienced ones!

The Ready-to-create Kits have been designed for all those who want to have a re-creative break to achieve with his ten fingers a project that will find its place in your home or in your dressing room.

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