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Ready-to-create bunny amigurumi crochet kit - Need somebunny

Corinne from Tisane crochet's brand enjoys creating with the seasons, adapting colors, patterns and materials throughout the year. For her, creation is a means of expression and above all a means of sharing! For her patterns, she draws inspiration from everything around her, from nature, from everyday objects, from her family, from her small village in the south of France. Her favorite crochet stitch: the star stitch.

Especially for you, she designed the ideal rabbit comforter ... Cute, colorful that children will love to cuddle and hang around! What if he loses one? Do not panic, thanks to the kit, you can crochet two bunnies with big ears!

Accompanied by his little ball, that's for sure, rabbit has everything to please and conquer the hearts of the little ones. You're going to love crochet amigurumis and we all need a bunny in our lives!

The kit contains:

01. 2 balls of 100% cotton

02. 1 hook 3 mm

03. Fleece

04. 4 safety eyes

05. 3 wool pass needles

06. 1 woven label Kesi'Art

07. 1 how-to user manual

In addition, you will need:

1 pair of scissors, 1 marker ring, 1 pink pencil

HOBBY: crochet

COLORS: ecru and yellow



COLLECTION: Kesi'gurumi

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Creative learning kit to crochet 2 amigurumi bunnies

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