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Ready-to-create embroidery kit - Flowered deer antlers

Bloom & Wild, the collection in collaboration to embroider nature!

Passionate about DIY, Caroline alias Caro tricote is overflowing with ideas so much so that her days are often far too short. On her blog dansmacachette.com, she shares her knitting, crochet, embroidery tutorials and regularly runs workshops in her beautiful region near Lille. Textile designer and author, she herself describes her universe as bohemian and cocooning.

Flowered deer antlers, this is the kit that best represents this Bloom & Wild collection ... Deer antlers, flowers and foliage, a floral pattern that you will enjoy seeing taking shape to the rhythm of the stitches. Guided by the how-to instructions and the technical notebook, bring softness and delicacy to your wardrobe or to the walls of your interior with this collection of bohemian patterns.

Flowers, plants, leaves ... here is the embroidery in slow art mode with which we take the time, we slow down for an unique moment for ourselves.

Inside the kit, everything is provided for the realization of this poetic embroidery. The patterns to be embroidered are printed on a soluble adhesive sheet that you just need to stick on the support of your choice: either on the canvas fabric and the wooden hoop provided in the kit or directly on a garment or an accessory.

Embroider the designs on top then run your work under water to see the soluble film disappear as if by magic and thus take full advantage of your embroidery.

THE LITTLE MORE! The reversible packaging to go up on the back to keep your kit or your small things while decorating your house! Made of recycled paper, the box is reusable so be careful to open the packaging of your kit delicately by cutting off the sticker that closes the box with a cutter. You just have to unfold it and then fold it upside down.

Diameter: 12.7 cm

The kit contains:

01. 1 embroidery wooden hoop diameter 12.7 cm

02. 1 ecru embroidery canvas fabric

03. 7 skeins of cotton embroidery thread

04. 1 set of 3 embroidery needles

05. 1 embroidery pattern, printed on a self-adhesive and soluble sheet

06. 1 how-to user guide containing 1 diagram (EN / FR)

In addition, you will need:

1 pair of scissors

ACTIVITY: modern embroidery

COLORS: green, orange, yellow, pink and brown


TIMING: 5h00

COLLECTION: Bloom & Wild

The Do It Yourself kit for you or as a gift that allows you to learn how to embroider a floral pattern thanks to detailed instructions and creative material, all carefully imagined, tested and designed by us.

Creative learning kit to learn how to embroider a floral pattern


Ready-to-create Kits by Kesi'Art are creative projects to decorate, dress or simply create over collections that are like pretty stories to listen to, trends to adopt and especially heart strokes.

All tested and approved in our workshops, our kits are easy to make and all the necessary equipment is included inside the box.

For beginners as well as experienced ones!

The Ready-to-create Kits have been designed for all those who want to have a re-creative break to achieve with his ten fingers a project that will find its place in your home or in your dressing room.

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