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Crochet kit - Paloma shoulder bag

It will accompany you everywhere this summer... Who? The Paloma shoulder bag!

Its small size makes it the perfect little beach accessory, ideal for slipping in your phone, change, keys and an inspiring novel.

To be worn simply on the shoulder or across the body, it will elegantly complete each of your outfits, whether it's a light summer dress or a shirt/shorts/sandals combo. Its floral pattern and minimalist construction make it a timeless piece of your wardrobe, to be worn year after year.

In our DIY kit, find everything you need to create your own bag: raffia yarn, crochet hook, yarn needles, stitch markers, crochet technique book and instructions. Also find the videos on our Youtube channel of the basic stitches for the practice of crochet.

Dimensions of the bag: 18 x 21 cm (without the handles)

The kit contains:

01. 2 spools of raffia yarn

02. 1 crochet hook diameter 4mm

03. 3 wool needles

04. 4 stitch markers

05. 1 detailed user manual translated into French and English + 1 technical crochet notebook

In addition, you will need:

1 tape measure, 1 iron and 1 pair of scissors

ACTIVITY: crochet


TIMING: 8h00


The Do It Yourself kit for you or as a gift that allows you to learn how to crochet your bulk bag thanks to detailed instructions and creative material, all carefully imagined, tested and designed by us.

Creative learning kit to learn how to crochet a raffia shoulder bag

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