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Embroidery kit - White mandala

This kit contains:

- 1 medium embroidery wooden hoop 15,5cm

- 1 x 100% coton thread

- 1 set of 3 embroidery needles

- 1 water eraserable marker with eraser

- 1 marker transfer sheet

- 1 printed pattern + diagram A4 format

- 1 how-to explanations booklet

In addition, you will need:

- 1 thread snip scissor



Report your design on the fabric of the wooden embroidery hoop or on the support of your choice (shirt, jeans, cushion, etc.). Embroider following the instructions in the starter guide and repeat as many times as you want thanks to the transfer tools included in the kit. Nice moments of embroidery in perspective!

Creative learning kit for make a floral modern embroidery

Easily embroider patterns on clothing, items, or accessories that you make with the Kesi'Art Embroidery Kits.

Ideal for beginners, this kit is also suitable for more experienced embroiderers.

Transfer your pattern with erasable pen and transfer sheet on your support, embroider and enjoy! T-shirt, cushion, sweatshirt, totebag, etc ... customize what you want while discovering the pleasure of embroidery!

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