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Ready-to-create macrame crown kit - Baan

Fashion and interior creative kits to assemble yourself as a turnkey workshop from your living room!

The kit contains:

01. 1 ball of macramé cotton thread 3mm

02. 1 golden metal ring diameter 15cm

03. 11 beads of beech wood diameter 2cm

04. 1 how-to user guide

In addition, you will need:

- 1 pair of scissors

- 1 meter tape

HOBBY: macramé



COLLECTION: Greenterior

The diagonal double half hitch will have no more secrets for you because you will have to chain them to create this sumptuous macramé crown. To fix on the wall, to put on a shelf, to stick on a round mirror ... that's enough to energize a wall that needs decoration.

Creative learning kit to create a macrame crown

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