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Binding screw - Silver

Create your own photo album using these binding screws!

Our binding screws are 1cm high and allow you to mount your own scrapbooking albums, assemble perforated documents to prevent them from scattering.

These bookbinding screws are supplied in 2 parts which screw together into a perforated holder. They can be unscrewed at any time to change or add documents according to your needs.

Using a round hole punch with a minimum diameter of 5 mm, hole your pages and assemble them together by tightening or screwing manually. Modulate your albums according to the number of pages.

Creates bindings with different medias: paper, cardboard, plastic, transparent or opaque plexiglass plate, wooden plate, fabric, leather ...

Perfect for binding kitchen notebooks, sample or presentation books, binders, files, restaurant menus ...

Available in different finishes

Inner diameter:
5 mm

Screw head diameter:
10 mm

1 cm



Sold individually

Silver plated metal binding screw height 1 cm

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