Textile customization

Shades of 48 round pompoms - Rosé

Pom pom party!

This assortment of pink pompoms will be ideal for textile customization, the personalization of woolen accessories, decoration and jewelry creation.

You can stick them on any medium: a totebag, a cushion, a wall hanging, a Thai basket ... Cocooning vibes guaranteed!

With the children, create original figurines with pompoms by associating them with feathers, chenille yarn, movable eyes ...

Thanks to the magnificent color gradients, bring pep's and subtlety to all your creations. They will be perfect during a holiday season like Christmas or for a birthday.

To fix them on any support, we recommend sewing or glue (hot glue, multi-purpose glue ...).

At Kesi'Art, we invite you to create decorative garlands using a needle and a thread: thread through the eye of a needle and stitch directly into the pompoms. Arrange them every 15 cm for a cute result!

Available in different colors

Pompom diameters: 0.8 - 1.5 - 2 and 3 cm

Quantities: 12 pompoms per size

Color: pink

Sold in sets of 48 pieces

Set of 48 round pink pompoms

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